Old fashioned vs seedless watermelons

Who's with me on this one?  Seeded watermelon, the old fashioned kind, you know the ones with the seeds that you could spit across the yard (or at your siblings) just taste better.  I'm not sure what it is, but it tastes sweeter, looks better, and it is just more...

The End Game

Last night the Kansas City Royals (WOO HOO) played the Los Angeles Angels (UGH!).  By the way, no bias in this post at all.  The Royals were behind by 2, and it was the bottom of the 7th inning.  They had a guy on first and a guy on 2nd.  There was a brand new player...

Coons in the Corn

Coons in the Corn These hot summer days always remind me of going to visit my Grandparents on their farm.  One week each summer my brother and I would go stay with my grandparents.  We helped with what needed to be done.  I remember digging potatoes and peanuts.  I...

That’s about the size of it

  You know how songs stick with you.  I'm not taking about pop songs, or even Praise choruses, I am talking about THOSE songs.  Some of you may remember, "Two All Beef Patties..."  Now try NOT to finish the song!!!  "Brush your breath, brush your breath with....", and...

Let Love be Genuine

Have you ever noticed that when a group of the same sex gets together and starts talking about spouses, the majority of the time it turns to criticism.  A group of women gets together, and they start criticizing what their husbands do, or don't do, they are frustrated...

The Marriage Puzzle

Several years ago we bought one of those 1000 piece puzzles.  It was a painting of the animals being loaded onto the ark, It was HUGE, with lots of pieces.  Well, we all started working, putting them together.  Some days we would put a whole bunch of it together, and...

But I have needs too!!!

She set down the Starbucks cup with a sigh. "I do and I do for him.  I never stop.  Dinner is on the table every night.  I do his laundry, make sure he has everything he needs, and then when the lights go out."  She sighed.  "but he doesn't care.  I have needs too."...

One thing that needs to change

Question for you.  What is keeping you from being a better spouse?  I am assuming if you are on this website, and still reading, that you have at least some desire to have a good marriage.  Honestly, I know very few people who don't want a good marriage, and even...

Shane and Christy

21 years anniversary pic
It's all about the Gospel. As we've grown to realize the fullness of what Christ did for us, we've peeled off the "Christians should be perfect" mask and owned our sin nature. This process has led us to serve one another in grace and joy. It has brought us to a place of delight. In sharing our journey, we desire that our discovery can encourage you to realize the fullness of the Gospel as well, and that it will also help you serve one another in your home!
Messy Marriage

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