Real talk…that’s what my kids say when they’re gonna speak truth about something a bit embarrassing.  That’s what I’m gonna do today.  We’re in paradise   (In Hawaii, I’m on Shane’s computer)  It’s gorgeous!!!  And I mean GORGEOUS!  In January.  It’s cold and snowy at home. And we’re wearing summer clothes, and swimming in the ocean.  There are white capped waves, and beautiful sunsets, and shrimp, magnificent shrimp, and bumpy trails on a farm in the country where the set of Jurassic Park/World still stands, the dock that Ricardo Montalban used to stand with Tattoo and welcome the visitors to Fantasy Island  and where a prop of the new Gorilla movie still sits, covered until the release of the film, but it’s a ‘copter, that much we could see and were told.  This is not the country like we know it in the states.  Hawaii country, where the view is amazing, the legends are interesting, and the people want it to stay that way. (Well, that part is the same).

And I’m already dreading going home,  but that’s not why I’m here today.

I’m here to give you some real talk.  Yesterday morning was horrid.  And I mean horrid. How can one come to Paradise and be in an ugly mood.  I don’t know, but I was.  The trip started with half of us sick on the plane, I won’t be giving real, real talk about that…use your imagination. Tabby isn’t resting enough for her energy level and I was just in a snit! A big, huge ugly snit, and no, I won’t go into details, but it was described as atrocious, and it was.    Now, now, don’t sit there judging me, ’cause you know you’ve been there too.  The let’s snap a cute picture but I’m mad as snot, so you fake it moments…remember #realtalk.  I’m talking real.  I was a mess.  In paradise.  I had no grace to give.  I wanted everyone to walk my way and got ticked when they didn’t. Yes, it was ugly.

The church we visited Sunday was very good.  Pastor Shane (no not mine, but we knew it’d have to be good, right?) spoke about David and Saul. When David could have killed Saul, but instead cut the corner off of his garment.  But David waited. And then he spoke of Jonah and Nineveh.  He said, ” If God wants you to go to Nineveh, you will go to Nineveh.  Even if it takes a big fish to get you there. I know there are some things in me that God wants  to change. But I keep getting back on that boat to Tarshish…and the fish is coming for me. It’s not that I don’t want to change.  I do!  But the battle between the flesh and the Spirit is strong.  I see glimpses of Spirit, but the flesh intercedes and I feel I’m right back where I started.

If God wants you to go to Nineveh, you will go; even if it takes a big fish to get you there Click To Tweet

Sunday I was convicted, but yesterday, that conviction didn’t seem to matter. ..

But thankfully, we I have a God that is merciful. He convicted me of my sin.  I repented.   My family is very forgiving.  The Jungle tour was very bumpy but worth the ride.  Our morning was bumpy, but prayerfully, it was worth the ride.

By the end of the day everyone had forgotten the bumpy morning.  The consequences of the bumpy jungle tour ride are still with me.  I’m a little sore.  Truthfully, there will probably consequences of yesterday.  They will probably evidence themselves next time I get snippy.  But, by the grace of God I pray that he will put grace in the heart of my family once again.

The Polynesian Cultural Center was very  interesting, and fun, and I might add, never give a guy from Japan who apparently doesn’t speak English drumsticks…the show will never end…

Dinner on Sunset beach while eating white shrimp scampi from Giovanni’s fish truck…yes please.  Like every day for the rest of my life!

I have to go now, another day in Paradise awaits…


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