Sometimes I scare myself.  I can see how God, in His wisdom, did not give me a lot of power on this earth.  I am afraid I would turn into a maniacal crazy person.   Why do I think this?  Is it my personality?  Not really.  Is it the way I treat those under me?  I don’t think so.  People tell me I am pretty good at leading.  Actually, it is the way I play the game Risk.


You see, if you ever play Risk with me, I must warn you, watch out.  I turn into a little Napoleon, maniacal laugh and all.  I find a part of the world to hole up in, and I and I start attacking everything around me.  Now understand, I do it strategically.  I build reinforcements, I get a lot of armies and I start to move.  I move slowly, and with determination (BWAHAHAHAHAH, I just took over Eastern United States!!!).  Part of my strategy in playing Risk (and keep in mind I am only telling you this because I doubt I will ever play with you), I attack a country that will help me grow strategically, without opening up too many more places for attack.  The main reason for this is so that I can build several layers of defense to keep other armies at bay.

See, I think sometimes we need to look at married and family life more like Risk.  One of the attributes of Love given in I Cor 13 is that it always protects.  Christ always protects us, and if we love the way Christ loves, our job is to always protect.  That doesn’t mean that nothing bad ever happens, or that we somehow have power to stop the bad things all the time.  But it means we have layers of protection for our home.  How do you protect your family from what comes in from the outside?  How do you protect your spouse from being over committed, from stressing out, from taking on too much.  How do you protect your spouse from temptation.  How do you protect your spouse emotionally from people who hurt.  We need to put our “armies” around our perimeter to keep the enemy at bay.

But, I think it is even more than that.  Our job is also to capture the enemy.


As a family, do you just hole up and wait, or are you out on the front lines fighting the enemy.  Are you influencing your town, or community for Christ?  Are you attacking enemy territory and taking people for Christ?  Are affecting change, or are you just sitting, putting up a defense.  Love also always hopes.  You see, I don’t believe that is hoping that your spouse will change, or hoping things will get better.  This is the kind of hope that we know will happen.  We hope for the perfection that comes when Jesus takes us home.  We hope for others to join us.  We hope for eternal life through Jesus Christ, and we hope for God’s work in our lives and the life of our spouse.

So, while I may start out in Australia (my personal choice, because there is only one way in to defend), watch out, because I will soon be knocking on your doorstep to capture your armies, first in Siam, then on to India, China and Mongolia, soon to take over Asia, Europe, North America and soon to RULE THE WORLD!!!!!  BWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  (oops, got carried away again).

I am also putting the world on notice that our family will continue to build our defenses to protect ourselves from the world (always protect), and capture souls for Christ wherever our family can (always hopes), until our work here is done and God calls us home (always perseveres)


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