Coons in the Corn

These hot summer days always remind me of going to visit my Grandparents on their farm.  One week each summer my brother and I would go stay with my grandparents.  We helped with what needed to be done.  I remember digging potatoes and peanuts.  I remember helping get cattle to the barn.  I remember watching the milking and even trying it a time or two.  I remember helping to pick corn and okra.  I also remember the fishing and the target practice.  I remember sitting under the shade tree and just sitting.  Great summer memories!!!
However, I remember one summer morning waking up and finding my Grandpa a little upset.  I knew something was wrong.  He told me to come outside with him for a minute.  Now, you see my even though my Grandpa only went to school through the 8th grade (but I would put his self education against a lot of very “educated” people today), he believed you should ALWAYS be learning.  He never missed an opportunity to teach, and this was one.  He took me out to the few rows of corn in his garden and showed me where it looked like something had come and rolled around, knocking down several of the corn stalks.  I asked my Grandpa what happened.

In his Arkansas accent he pointed to the stalks and said, “Well, see the coon climbs up the stalk, until it gets too heavy, then he knocks it down.  When it falls down, he takes the ear off and eats some of it and leaves the rest.  Them coons is nothing but wasteful thieves.  Don’t worry though, I’ll take care of it.”  I asked my Grandpa what he was going to do.  He went out to his barn and brought out a wire box.

It was a live trap.  Grandpa put some of the uneaten corn inside the box and set the trap.  That night, he was going to catch him a coon.  Well, the next morning, the corn was left alone, and the trap untouched.  I was disappointed.  I could hardly wait to see a real live coon up close.  He decided to try one more night.

I was up early again, and we went out to the corn rows.  This time, sure enough, he caught his coon.  I had never been so close to a wild animal before.  I looked into his eyes (big mistake), and he looked scared.  To my 10 year old eyes, he looked like he was begging to be let go.  I asked my grandpa if he was going to let him go.

Looking at me like I was half crazy (I was a city boy after all, and was probably half crazy), he told me, “Course not.  If you let him go, he’ll just come back.”  He put the cage trap in the back of his pickup and drove off over the hill.  A few minutes later I heard a shot.

We had corn for dinner that night, and it was delicious!!  There was never any corn like corn picked fresh from the stalk!!!  But, the only reason we could have corn was because my grandpa protected it from the intruders, even doing the hard thing. It wasn’t easy for me to know my Grandpa was going to kill the coon, but my Grandpa had no trouble.  He know that the coon only wanted to destroy his crop (regardless of how his eyes looked), and if we were going to enjoy some corn on the cob, we had to destroy the coon.


Coons in Marriage

I was thinking about this in relation to marriage.  There are things that come into my marriage, in some cases on a daily basis, set to steal the fruit of our lives together.  My job is to eliminate it.  Not entertain it, not play with it, not let it go, but to destroy it.  I have to diligently guard my marriage, and my relationship with my wife.  I have to take a no compromise approach and, if something is threatening to destroy my marriage, I must eliminate it.

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What is the coon that’s in your life.  What is it that is threatening your marriage.  Is it pornography?  Is it another relationship?  What about your technology?  Is it your own lack of attention to your spouse?  Is it being too busy?  Whatever it is, might I make a suggestion.  Trap that enemy, throw it in the back of the pickup, take it over the hill, and destroy it.  Be merciless.  It doesn’t matter how it looks, how much you want it, how hard it is to get rid of, or how “important” it may be.  IF you want to enjoy your marriage, you MUST destroy those things that threaten to steal it.


Messy Marriage


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