car crashOne morning several years ago, I was finishing my paper route. As I was turning into a gas station to fill the last of the newspaper machines, I heard the sound of metal bending and straining.  I remember the sound more than I remember the feeling of being hit.

One morning I went to work.  That afternoon, I came home without a job. I had been laid off.

In 2001 the twin towers in New York came tumbling down as we watched.  Many of us heard the sound that was unforgettable.  It was tragic, and frightening.

I know you have your own crash stories  Times when life seems to stop, when things start to fall apart, when things shatter and come crashing down.  It could be something similar to what we’ve faced, or maybe something different.  We’ve all had moments when we don’t know what were going to do, when things are mess, when life is a disaster. Times in our lives when the crash has left us looking at the shattered pieces…wondering IF things will ever be “normal” again or HOW something good can come from it all.

It is in these moments that love means more than almost any other time.  Love Always Perseveres.   Christ is always there.  He persevered through the betrayal, the pain, the death, the  burial and he resurrection.  And He promised to be with us to the end of the age.  Christ will be with us.  He will be with you when the crashes of life come.  He isn’t going anywhere..

Christ will  keep us.  Christ promises that not one of His children will be lost.  If you are God’s child, he will keep you, just as He promised.  There is nothing big enough to take you from His hand..  Christ’s love always perseveres.

Because Christ loves me in that way, it gives me the strength and the ability to love like that too, of course, on a much smaller scale.  Christ in me gives me the ability to look past the crashes in my life and love  To persevere.  To not give up, but to continue loving.

When our life crashes around us, when things look bad.  When we are hanging on by a thread.  When the thread snaps, Love always perseveres.  God will keep me safely in His arms.

There is one thing I know about crashes.  Even though they are sudden, devastating, and painful, they are also, at some point, over.  After the crash,  we can begin to put the pieces together, and with God at the center of our life and our marriage and our family, the crash will, by God’s grace,  bring Glory To Him.

Shane & Christy

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