As I am sitting here writing this, my dear wife is away at a NASCAR weekend, which means I am keeping the fort here at home for a little bit.  Normally this isn’t a huge deal, and things usually go just fine, but this time, you might be affected.  You will probably notice already that there is no picture to start this post.  Usually, Christy takes my writing and spices it up with pictures.  It makes my writing a little easier to handle if there are pictures.  So, since she isn’t here, and she is by far more creative than I, you are going to have to use your imagination.  I will help you out in this story by telling what the picture should be, but you will have to use your imagination to make it happen.

Picture of a little baby prince being held by the adoring King and Queen

Once up on a time (that’s how all good stories begin), there was a husband who was honored by his wife.  Every morning he would awaken with his wife who, because she adored him so much, would make sure she was awake before he was, and was dressed and ready for the day, including teeth brushed, for who wanted to smell a wife’s morning breath.  After all, that was how she could best honor him.

Insert random picture of someone smiling with lots of teeth

After she kissed him awake every morning, she waited for him in the kitchen, where he found his favorite mug filled with coffee, just the way he liked it, and a delicious breakfast.  Her hair was done perfectly, and she made sure the morning paper was waiting for him.  After all, that was how she could best honor him.

She made him lunch everyday, except for the days that she drove to his office to bring him a lot lunch.  and every evening when he came home from the office, she had his slippers waiting for him, a cold drink and the game on TV.  After all, that was how she could best honor him.

Insert a random picture of some foot ball players, or base ball, or soccer, or bocce ball, or badminton, or croquet, or some other sport on TV

She always had his favorite dinner ready, right on time, and after dinner, she would rub his feet, and be ready to do whatever he wanted to do for the evening.  She never spoke a harsh word, and made sure the children didn’t stress him out.  Is something came up, she took care of it, so he didn’t have to.  After all, that how she could best honor him.

When the evening was over, she was at the ready…if you catch my picture

Insert a picture of…on the other hand, skip the picture here

And everyone lived happily ever after (after all, that’s how all good stories end).

Insert random question marks here (are you getting into this idea of picturing the visual aids in your mind yet?)

Ok, that’s not how the story goes, but isn’t that how we would kind of like our marriages to be.  In fact, let’s be honest, when we don’t get what we think our marriages should be, don’t we tend to get a little bit upset, and even demand the “honor due us”.  It usually sounds something like this.

“I work hard all day, the least she could do is…”

“I just need a break when he comes home, if he would just…”

“I deserve…:”

Well, here’s the problem.  Christ is our example of perfect love.  If anyone deserves our honor, it’s Christ.  We should be giving him all honor, and He will receive all honor, but when he was on earth, demonstrating his love, that’s not what he received.  He was born with the animals, laid in a feed trough, forced to flee the country that was supposed to be HIs chosen people, raised by a poor family as a carpenter, lived a poor life, accused of being a criminal, spat upon, mocked, ridiculed, tortured, killed as a criminal, and buried in a borrowed tomb.  Not to mention that he washed the feet of his disciples, tried to teach them humility, and put up with the pompous acts of the religious leaders and the ignorance (and sometimes arrogance) of his disciples.  He was betrayed by one who was supposed to be a friend and ignored and neglected by the rest.  Not exactly the picture of someone who was demanding honor.

I Cor 13 says that “love does not insist on its own way”.  Jesus was our perfect example of this.  He could have, and had every right to demand honor from those he walked with.  Instead, he washed their feet.

So, next time I want to demand that my wife do something for me, because I deserve it, let me remember what I really do deserve.

Picture of the cross here

But, more than that, let me remember what Christ deserved, but what he took for me.  He deserved the honor, he took the cross.  I deserved the cross, yet I tend to insist on the honor.  Maybe, I should do a better job of not insisting on my own way, but instead, taking up my cross daily in service to my wife.

picture of someone carrying a cross, but with my face!!!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to climb off my high horse of demanding honor, and climb up on a cross, the ultimate in dishonor to men, but the ultimate in honor, because it was the instrument of salvation from a Sovereign God to people like me who didn’t deserve it!!!


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