adventureDid you hear the one about the time Isaac locked me out?  Or how about the one about the one about dead cow mooing?  How about the one where the checkbook was empty, except for the $200 check that we forgot was there and desperately needed? Or, what about Malachi passing out in church?

Probably not, unless you live in our house, or we have told you the stories.  But each of these lines has a story tied to it, and each of these stories brings a smile to everyone’s face in our family.  Some of our stories are very pleasant, funny and bring back great memories.  Some stories were sad at the time, but looking back are funny.  And some stories were downright frightening, but we can look back and laugh now.  You probably  have stories like that too.  In fact, I would guess that you could just mention one line from the stories to your family, and it would, at the least bring a smile, or maybe  chuckle.

I Corinthians 13 uses an interesting word about what love does.  It says that love does not rejoice in evil, but DELIGHTS in the truth.   Jesus is the perfect example of love, and our love in our families and to our spouses should reflect that perfect love that Jesus shows in I Cor 13.  Jesus Delights in the truth.

I don’t know about you, but delight is one of my favorite words.  There just isn’t another word that fits quite as well.  It conjures up the image of a child clapping his hands with excitement, eyes wide and a little squeal.


Maybe that’s not exactly a description of Jesus, but I think about what He delights in.  He delights in righteousness.  He delights in truth, and the truth is that He is God’s Son, the Great I AM in the flesh.  Scripture also says that God delights in HIs children, that’s us, you and me, if we have accepted Christ.  The truth is God is in control.  The truth is nothing happens that is outside of His knowledge.  The truth is God loves His children and delights in them.  The truth is that no pain has come or ever will come to me that cannot and will not be conquered by the cross.  The truth is I am not perfect, and neither is my wife.  The truth is we will both fail.  The truth is, I sometimes hurt her a lot. The truth is God loves us both, and the truth is we are married for the purpose of bringing Him glory.  I don’t want to rejoice in the bad things that come, the mistakes my wife makes, the sins that she commits, nor do I want to rejoice when she fails as if it makes me a better person.  Instead, by God’s grace, let me rejoice in being married to her, rejoice in this journey we make together, delight in the fact that God loves us both.  As I look back at how God as provided for us through all kinds of times, and how he has grown us together, I will delight in the truth of who God is, who Jesus is, and what He has done, and as I remember those stories, I may just throw my head back and…LAUGH


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