A boaster is loud.  A boaster brings attention to self.  A boaster must tell everyone about each accomplishment.  A boaster proclaims loud for others to hear.

An arrogant man is puffed up and proud.

proud peacock

Christ doesn’t boast. Christ isn’t proud.

True love doesn’t brag. True love doesn’t have to boast.  It’s not necessary.

Christ won’t force himself on you like a boaster.

Christ isn’t proud.  Christ is perfect humility.

Christ doesn’t insist on his own way.

Christ is True Love.

True love whispers.

Christ whispers.

He gently calls.

He whispers your name gently calling you to repent.  To love as He loves, to serve as he serves, to live as He lives.

Love insists on the Father’s way.

Christ insists on the Fathers way

He whispered in earnest at Gethsemane, “Not my will, but thine be done…”

And Love whispered death on on the tree.

And the Holy Spirit was left to be with us to whisper.  To gently call us

to work in our hearts  and change our wanter to want what God desires for us.


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