I started to write Home Sweet Home, but it came out Home, Sweet Sweet.  I like it so I think I’ll keep it that way. Because let’s face it home is sweet, sweet.


I’ve traveled a lot this past year. Since last November I’ve been gone almost once a month. Away from my home. Away from my beloved. Away from my precious children.

Every month I thought, next month I’ll be home. But then something would happen, or an opportunity would present itself.

Last November, I planned a trip to Tennessee and Georgia.  Pretty much nothing went the way it was planned.  Shane’s precious Grand dad died as I was driving that Friday. We knew it was coming, but we didn’t expect that it would be that soon. I was “supposed” to spend a night with my Aunt and Uncle in Nashville and was looking forward to having the morning with my Uncle all to myself as my Aunt had an appointment. He fell the day I was supposed to arrive and they spent the evening at the hospital. I drove on to Knoxville. Long story, but he passed away a few weeks later…

Isaac and I made a trip to Nashville for the funeral, right before Christmas.

January? Where was I? Oh yes, in St. Louis, it was planned. It was Malachi’s annual trip for his cleft team appointment.

February, not planned by me, but by Shane.  Shane and I along with Barry and several thousand “friends.”

March, where was I? I can’t remember but I KNOW there was at least one night I was not home that month.

April, home school conference. Thankfully we were almost all together, but still not home.

You’re getting the picture aren’t you?

I love to travel. I LOVE being in East Tennessee, especially in the spring


and I have been several times this past year. But I think I have finally found my limit.

I have been missing my home, sweet, sweet.

You see, home is where family is. Where fights sometimes happen and where forgiveness is given. And where love happens.

Christ. Christ left his heavenly home. One this earth, Christ had no place to lay his head. He gave up his home to come to earth and show us ultimate love. True love. Self-sacrificing love.

Truth time. While some of the trips this past year were self-sacrificing, most of them were more self centered.  A couple of these trips were “me” time. The November trip, it was supposed to be a jubilee.  Shane was trying to bless me.  He sacrificed so I could have some down time.  Instead, God orchestrated things that I could not have imagined.  It was not necessarily a fun trip, like it was supposed to be.  But it was exactly what God wanted and it did include seeing my cousins, spending time with my dad and his wife, seeing my Uncle for the last time in a hospital bed, and praying for him and his wife for God’s will to be done and giving a friend a ride home from Nashville when she needed it.

Thank you Jesus for sacrificing heaven, for having no place to lay your head, for giving up your heavenly home and sacrificing yourself in our (my) place.  Offering an eternity in Heaven for those who love you and answer your call to be His child.


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