We’re linking up with Kate for the first Five Minute Friday of the year! Five minute of free writes on the one word prompt given on Thursday evening at the Twitter party, that I totally forgot about because I was too busy packing. I’ve missed everyone!

The word is First

Time starts now


In less than a week, our entire family of 6 gets on a plane, no that’s not the first. We’ve all flown before, for some it’s been a while, so the memory is distant, but that’s not what’s concerning me…

Flying across the Pacific Ocean. That’s the first

And to be totally honest, it’s freaking me out a little. To know that we’ll be in a little birdlike craft for several hours with nothing but blue underneath us.

I can’t really think much about it. The nerves start showing themselves. My innards get a little jittery.

And I’m not the only one. I think most of us (Shane has flown over the ocean 4 times) are a little jittery about it.

We’re also flying the red eye. With 2 stops. I also hope we can wake everyone up to be coherent enough to dash through a couple of airports to make the next flight. Seattle and Vegas, two places I’ve never been. They shouldn’t be hard airports, should they?

I just hope none of us are truly claustrophobic. Can you get claustrophobic on an airplane?

Do I trust God to take care of us? Certainly. Am I sinning? I don’t think so because I’m taking those thoughts captive and aligning them with Christ.

I keep reminding myself


that many flights across the oceans are made every day and few fail.

God is a great God

And we’re looking forward to a fabulous vacation!


P.S. We don’t have a super abundance of bucks. We’ve saved for 7 years for this vacay. We’ve saved frequent flyer miles. Have AVIS rental car vouchers and found a duplex big enough for all of us to have beds on airbnb. And Shane has spent hours planning the trip to get the most bang for our buck with our gooahu cards. That’s the ONLY way we can afford this kind of vacay. We also have a house sitter and neighbors watching our place, which is the only reason I would publicize our trip before we travel.

Aloha! Next week from Oahu!

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