Well, it didn’t take long to get to this topic now did it? (and yes, it’s G to PG rated).   I (Christy) decided a while back that I was tired of the world hijacking what God designed and intended to be beautiful between a husband and wife. I’m going to embrace it!!   The world has hijacked enough of what God gave us for good, hasn’t He?  Shouldn’t we be excited to let people know that God designed marriage?  And that he designed sex?  I want my children to look forward to the intimacy marriage brings with the spouse God has given them for all of their life together.  Sometimes, A lot of the time, us Christians, we pretend like sex is a dirty word.and that’s what we portray to our children.  But I’m gonna speak it.  If God designed it, we shouldn’t be ashamed to embrace it. Should we?

Shane and I flirt.  We pinch each other.  We kiss in front of the children.  And we tell them that when we stop doing that, they’d better worry.

Christians avoid Song of Solomon almost like the plague.  Do you ever remember hearing a sermon out of it?  Why?  Isn’t it inspired?  Shouldn’t we embrace it like we embrace every other book of Scripture.  I’m guessing that Song of Solomon is the least read book in the Bible.  Why?  It describes beautifully the embrace of a man with his love.

People today have no idea what true love really is.   People today trade in boyfriends/girlfriends and spouses more often than some people change their underwear.  They talk about “falling” in love in short order, and sometimes they don’t even get that far.  Hooking up? Friends with benefits.  Let’s not even talk about that!  It’s a sad, sad, sad, sad world in which we live today.  This is not love.  This is lust, pure and simple. This is self-seeking. This is NOT what God designed for a man and his wife.  What God designed to be an incredible act between a husband and wife, the world has made cheap.

But there is nothing cheap about true love, true intimacy that comes with a lifetime together..  A lifetime of good and ugly, of hardships and joys of sorrows and pain.  But commitment through it all.  This friend is LOVE, this is intimacy and this is beautiful!

I don’t hesitate to tell people that Shane and I have been happily married for 21 years.  People need to hear it!  . I love to tell people that he’s my sexy Superman.  And I love to tell them why.  (Check out Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.) Dean Cain’s got nothin’ on my hubby, at least in my eyes.  And that’s the way it should be.

You may not see Shane as a sexy Superman, honestly, I wouldn’t expect you to.  But after 21 years together, I’m GLAD I  think he’s still sexy and that Shane still thinks I’m sexy.

If you’re married, I pray that you are your beloved’s and he is yours.  I pray that you think your spouse is sexy and that you’ll always think your spouse is sexy.  I pray that you will be happily married for a lifetime.

And if you’re single and desire a spouse, I pray that you find a spouse that you’ll still think is sexy when you’re wrinkly and well, when you’re a little saggy in certain places and have a little extra weight in other places.

Truth is I feel sad for those that will never, or have never experienced true love. (Que Princess Bride music).

And at this point, you may be asking how sex ties in to 1 Corinthians 13.    There are a LOT of self serving folks in the world these days.  Lust is self serving. Sex without a lifelong commitment is self serving.  Having life long intimacy, is what Christ desires from us. Hopefully, when we’re married, we’re putting our spouses needs above our own.   The truth is, if we’re married and not putting our spouses needs above our own then we are not loving as Christ loves the church.

When we are loving the way Christ loved we put our spouses needs above our own selfish desires.  We stick with it.  We determine our spouses to be our soul-mate whether we feel that they are at that moment or not.  We stick with it.  And as we grow old together, we prayerfully, look more and more like 1 Corinthians 13 to each other.

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