Marriage is anything but common.  Two uniquely different people coming together to spend life together can bring many trials, many tribulations into life.  But it can also bring much joy, even in the common, every day things of life.


God designed marriage to bring support of another person into our lives.

Two became one flesh in the Garden and today that act of becoming one is significant in the life of a husband and a wife.

Walking  through the daily grinds of life is not always easy, sometimes it’s downright painful. Miscommunication.  Stress of life around us can leave us short tempered and lashing out at our spouse.

But God…

without the King of kings and lord of Lords centered in your marriage it is nearly impossible to survive.

Sadly, many do not.

The Deceiver wants our marriages.  Without marriages, without family society breaks down.

And I think most of us would agree, we are a broken society.

Many times with God our selfish desires overcome the desire to stay pure with our spouse, overcomes the desire to look past petty differences.


Much like our relationship with Jesus, when we draw near to our spouse, our spouse will draw near to us. When we push away, the relationship suffers.  This is the simple, the common of Christianity.

I love going to work with Shane.  There is nothing spectacular about it.  Sometimes I drive, sometimes I ride.He’s busy with phone calls, texts and visiting clients or those who might become clients.  Sometimes we talk, sometimes I read. Sometimes I play Candy Crush Saga.  Common. But we’re together. And friends, these are some of my favorite times.

The common makes us stronger together.


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