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What happens if the affair comes?  What happens when sexual sin enters your marriage?  I’ll be honest, I’ve been blessed.  I’ve never experienced it.  But sexual sin is very real and it comes in many varieties.


50 Shades of Gray,

a mental affair

or a real live full blown sexual affair.

In my opinion, sexual sin is one of the worst ways a marriage can be violated.

Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church. Giving himself up for it

If a husband’s eye wanders, they are not loving their wife this way.

Wives submit yourselves…not a word we really like to hear is it?  But we submit to Christ (mostly) and find freedom.  Why don’t we think this way in marriage?  Because our husband’s arent perfect?  But God is…

Back, Christy, back to the topic.  5 minutes is quick!

The sexual relationship is designed to mirror Christ and the church. And when the marriage bed is defiled, that union is defiled.  Can it be repaired?  Yes.  Is it easy?  NO!  The most intimate relationship that God ever designed on this earth has been missed.

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When everything melts away.  All the problems of life disappear for a time. When everything is completely focused on pleasing your spouse,


and in the process experiencing great pleasure and emotional release yourself.  An intimacy that mirrors what was in the garden, two people completely naked, unashamed, enjoying the richness of each other emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

That’s right, spiritually.  Sex within marriage, between a husband a wife, designed and given by God is worship, Two people enjoying the beauty of what God has given.  Imagine, when you and your spouse make love, your are actually worshiping God!!  But when the marriage bed is defiled, the intimacy that God designed is missed.

The perfect relationship, between 2 imperfect people, that God intended is marred with an idol, a substitute, taking it’s place.  The closeness that was intended to be shared with only one other person is given to another, one who isn’t entitled to that closeness, that intimacy.  It is given to one who doesn’t deserve it. You have essentially told the loving Heavenly Father, “Thanks for your gift and all, but I think I have something better.  I am going to bring this 3rd person into this intimacy.” (and that includes when that 3rd person is simply an image or a fantasy).  And when we try to improve on what God has given, we miss it altogether.

TIME (again)

I wrote, and Shane finished up because I couldn’t quite tie the bow…He did.  Sigh…marriage working together in union.

Shane and Christy

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