It’s not really news.

Kids want a good relationship with their parents. A baby is born.  Hopefully that baby is cuddled and loved and taken care of like no other baby ever.  The baby grows into a toddler, hopefully still the child is cuddled and loved.  And training and teaching begins.  The toddler grows and becomes school aged.  Hopefully, the parent decided to homeschool (yes, stand pretty strong on that).  But sometimes that isn’t possible.  Sometimes private school or public school is where the child goes.  Hopefully, the child is trained and taught and loved.  Hopefully the foundation of a great relationship is being laid that will continue for a lifetime.

It is the the parents responsibility to nurture this relationship.  A child doesn’t know how.  A child knows that they desire a relationship, they desire love, but they are are selfish and young and don’t know how to navigate relationships.

Unfortunately, sometimes this nurturing doesn’t happen.  Maybe the parent had a messed up childhood and they themselves never learned how to be a good parent. Sin mars relationships.  I’m convinced it’s one of Satan’s most successful ploys.  It’s easy for a terrible cycle to begin.


But I can’t stop.  I can’t leave this hanging without hope.

When adulthood comes, the relationship is tarnished and repair oftentimes this isn’t possible.

And one or the other attempts to make it right.  But sometimes their attempt is dysfunctional, and healing doesn’t come.


And the mourning comes once again…

But there is hope.  In fact, I can think of two different ways to hope!

The first hope is that God is bigger and sorrow and mourning will not always be.  He will wipe the tears away one day. And we’ll have an eternity in Heaven with an ever present Father.

God is bigger, sorrow and mourning will not always be; we'll have eternity with an ever present Father Click To Tweet

The second hope is for the future here on earth.  With our own children, and hopefully, we break the cycle.  We look at what our parents did poorly, and adapt and change.  We look at what they did well, because even the worst of parents did something right.  And then we look at those we admire.  We watch, we ask.  We seek God’s wisdom.  And when we fail we go to our children and admit our failure.  We repent without excuse (although I admit, it is not easy to do).  But this is imperative!  Repent fully and completely.  This is one way to love our children and heal the wounds we impose on our children.

As parents we want to do better. We want our children to be raised better, to have better.  Oftentimes, this evidences itself in more. We buy more, give more than we had.  But that is not what our children need. The more we give our children should be a better relationship.

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Prayerfully, we learn from the mistakes of our parents.  And we adapt.  We realize that we will make mistakes and fall short. Our mistakes will be different.

But hopefully we’ll have a better relationship with our children.

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