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The family meal table.  A place to gather.  But so many don’t gather.

Families in our culture are going this way and that, with very little interaction.  One teen with a boyfriend.  One kid with sports.  Few with fathers in the home.  Mom so tired she can’t keep her eyes open.  But the meal table is an important place for families to gather.

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Research shows that eating together 5 times a week is good for a family. It’s good for kids, truancy rates decline when families eat together.  This article tells us that communication between kids and parents is improved when they eat together.

Does it matter what is eaten?  I have to think that it doesn’t.  In days past, mom would be home cooking meat and potatoes.  The dishes would be passed around the table.   But does the food matter?  I don’t think so.  So if you don’t have time to make the elaborate dinner, eat easy.

IF you don’t have time to get out the fine china (does anyone have china anymore?)throw that Stouffer’s Lasagna in the oven.


Or plug your Crock pot in with that bag of frozen Crock Pot creations inside.  Although, I will say that it’s almost as easy to throw fresh, non – processed food in a crock pot.  You’ve gotta start somewhere.

The point is sit down and eat together.  Fellowship with each other.  Might I add, the old-fashioned way…eat unplugged.  Leave the devices off the table and talk.  Share a conversation.  Share your day.  Share a funny story.  Tease each other in a loving and uplifting way. Share a Scripture.  Build the relationship.

Happy eating!


Here are a few ideas:

My favorite cookbook is falling apart, it’s full of quick, simple meals.  It’s my go to when I’ve had a busy day and need something quick.  Saving Dinner, by Leanne Ely.

Homemade pizza.  You can even “cheat” and buy crusts.  Prepare the toppings and let everyone gather around and make their own creation.

Taco’s on the table. (or maybe outside on the table)  pile all the taco toppings on a throw away tablecloth.  The kids think mom is GREAT!

What’s your favorite family meal?

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