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We drove around the campsite.  That one was close to the bathroom, but not so much shade.  This one had a longer walk to the bathroom, had good shade, but wasn’t really that flat.  We finally found a good one.  It had what we wanted and we pitched our tent.  I remember fondly the days of camping when I was a kid.  We would go out and take a break from everything, and I mean everything.  In some ways, it was more work, but it was also relaxing.

When I think of the word dwell, I am reminded of the verse in John where it talks about the Word (Jesus) became flesh and dwelt among us.  The Greek word here literally means he pitched His tent among us.  He didn’t build an expensive palace, and live in opulence above us.  He didn’t come down for a visit and then go back to heaven at night, He dwelt among us.  He lived here, and he experienced life here.

Sometimes I think we as parents (maybe more so dads), need to spend more time dwelling.  We go to work each day, but when we are home, do we pitch our tent here, and live here, or are we still really back at work.  Do we hide behind the college or pro foot ball game.  Do we escape to our computers, or worse our phones.  Or do we dwell with our families.  It is only in the dwelling, the everyday, living life here, that we get the joys that come with it.  My son came out this morning with a question.  I could have only been here to answer the question because I was dwelling here.  It required me to stop my work on the computer, and answer him.  I had to dwell, to live here, to struggle with him, to be a part of his life.

If Jesus could leave the glory of His Father’s side and the opulence of heaven to DWELL among us, can’t we leave our computers, our phones, our frustrations, our irritations, our stresses and dwell in our own home for a little while?  This Christmas, let’s Dwell, not just “live here”

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