This is a busy time of year.  It’s a stressful time of year.  Crazy shopping, (unless you’re one of those, those that start buying next years gifts when they’re on clearance this year).  Family relations that aren’t always good.  Traveling with children. Etc. etc. etc.

All amid the normal crazy that we live from day to day.

But we have something that many of those in the world don’t have.

Is the spouse driving you nuts?  Are the kids driving you crazy?  Have you lost someone dear to you?  Are you alone or feeling alone?  Do you have more activities going on than you possibly have time to attend?  Do you want to get off the crazy merry go round called Christmas and rest?

We have rest.  In the form of a helpless babe.  Who grew up to walk a journey carrying a tree where he would be hung.  Where he would be separated from the Father while he carried our sins so we could have rest.

Jesus is our rest. His grace makes it unnecessary to keep a Sabbath like the law outlined in Exodus. This doesn’t mean we don’t need down time, We all need those times to rest. It means that in the middle of those exploding or stuffing “opportunities” we can exhale it all to Him.

When we exhale, we give him the issue. It means that we yield our rights, give it to Jesus to work out and rest because He is so much more capable to resolve the issue than we are. We can rest because He is God and we are not. It means we don’t have to stuff or explode because He’s got the entire situation in His hand and He is more than capable of taking care of it. Not only that, but He will take care of it better than we ever could!

Yes, this is easier said sometimes than done.

Yes, it is hard to comprehend. Hard to understand how an infinite being that may seem distant from time to time could resolve our issue. But there are many mysteries about God that are un-understandable.

Will we do this perfectly, no way, no how; but it’s a goal to strive towards.  One I personally needed to be reminded about.

So while the craziness of the season surrounds you, remind yourself that the reason for the season is also the reason we can rest.  Take a moment to exhale when your human desire is to explode or stuff.  Exhale it to the King of kings and rest!

Your family will thank you.


Thank Lysa Terkeusrt, Unglued and Online Bible Studies for the reminder.

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