Lydia was a maker of fine clothes, a maker of purple.  Had Christ come as King instead of servant, I’m convinced he would have been wearing robes made of the finest purple.  But that would have defeated the entire purpose for his life here on earth now wouldn’t have it?

But, because He first loved us, he humbly came.  He had everything, and became nothing for you and me.

The Creator of the Universe, the Creator of all things. gave up his robes of royalty and walked among men as a man.  Because of His love for us.

Christ gave up everything (he gave away everything).  He gave up his throne in Heaven, he gave up his face to face relationship with his Father, and for a time, he gave it up altogether.  He hung on the cross, taking the sins of the world upon himself.  During the moments that Christ too our sin, God, the Father could not look on God the son.

No, he didn’t deliver His body to be burned.  He delivered his body to be hung on a cross.  Which was one of the worst ways to die.  It was one of the most humiliating and one of the most painful ways to die.    

christ on the crossIf we have not love, if we have not Christ, if we have not servant hood and sacrifice we might as well give our body to be burned.  So often in our marriages, in our families, we demand to be treated as royalty.  Quite honestly, I (Christy) am among the worst.  I forget what Christ did for me. I forget that HE was the one that deserved the robes of purple and I do not.

But if I give up everything in my self.  If i give up my pride.  If I give up my “rights.” If I give up my expectations.  If I give up my things.

If i put Christ before myself, then I can love my husband and my family the way God desires.  The way Christ loved.  I will humble myself and become the servant and by doing so I will love my family as Christ loved me.  I will be blessed and my family will be blessed.


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