Okay, stop for just a minute. I want you to think about something.  What is that one thing you spouse does that drives you crazy.  You know what I am talking about.  There is that one thing.  That one thing that if they would stop doing it, everything would be much better.  That one thing that when they do it, you want to climb a wall.  The one thing that, if you had the chance, you would beat it out of them. crazy I  Maybe it is the tone of voice, maybe it is the one thing they say, maybe it is the one thing they always forget to do (toilet seat anyone??), or the one thing they always do that you wish they would stop.  That one thing that has, if you are honest, has, at times made you wonder why you married this person!!!

You see, if you spouse would change that one thing, things would be much better in your relationship.  After all, the fact that they don’t change that thing just shows that they don’t really love/respect you.  They could change it if they really wanted to, and if they loved you enough, they would, right?

Well, that’s where “love is patient” comes in.  Think about Christ.  Remember one day He and His disciples were talking, and one of them asked how many times he had to forgive His brother.  He wanted to know the limit.  At what point could he stop.  In other words, when did patience run out?  Jesus answer was shocking.  In essence His answer was that patience doesn’t run.  You keep forgiving your brother.

Even more, Jesus showed that patience, actually, truth be told Jesus SHOWS that patience to us every day.  You know what, truth be told, most of my sins are repeats.  I keep doing the same things, sinning the same way, and most amazingly, Christ keeps forgiving me.

So, remember, that one thing.  Remember how they drive you crazy.  What if…now, don’t stop reading yet, what if you chose to be patient with them.  What if, next time they say that thing, talk that way, do that thing, forget to do that thing, instead of sighing, instead of groaning, complaining, whining, acting exasperated, or muttering under your breath, what if you are patient.  What if you love them in spite of that one thing.  What if, instead of getting mad, or letting that one thing drive you crazy, what if you loved them instead.

What if, when they do that one thing, instead of rolling your eyes, you ran up and gave them a hug and a kiss.  What if when they drive you crazy, you draw close and love them.  What if when that one thing rears its head, you show your love.  After all, love is patient.  More than that, when we were doing that one thing (actually a whole bunch of one things) to Christ, instead of sighing, rolling his eyes, or getting frustrated, he spread his arms and died.  So, I am asking you, when that one thing happens again, die to yourself, let the importance of that one thing pass, and love them.

Oh, and one more thing, if Jesus already died for that one thing.

That imperfection, or if it is really bad, that sin.  Jesus already took the punishment for it.


And if he had enough patience for that sin to stay on the cross, when he could have asked his Father to send 10 legions of angels to rescue him, do you really have a right to tell God that His punishment to His son wasn’t enough and you need to add yours to it?  Or maybe you can see them as forgiven, and patiently love them, even in imperfection.


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