Parenting is hard!  It’s very easy to helicopter parent in this day and age, especially for a Christian parent.  The world around us is very different than it was even when we were kids.  Those that live in the world even realize that things are a lot harder than they once were.   We want our children to make the “right” choices to run with the ‘right” crowd.  We want our children to go to Heaven.  So we micro manage.  And sometimes in doing that, we push them away.

Many years ago, we micromanaged.  And then I got sick, numbers 3 and 4 came home and life got away from me in so many ways.

Honestly, things entered our home that we wish hadn’t.  But they did.  And I, especially, was forced to trust that God could take care of our children.  That He loved them more than I ever could, even though I love them much more than I ever thought possible.  And you know what?  So far, He has done just that.  I don’t have a magic ball, I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but here’s what I know right now.

We have a tender-hearted, gentle 19 year old daughter that is willing to wait for God’s timing for her future, she lives at home, and she loves the Lord.  (which is more than I can say for where I was at her age).

We have a 16 year old that can be a bit headstrong and stubborn at times (but hey, so can I!) He has compassion for those around him, loves children and puts everything he has into those things he loves to do.  And He loves the Lord.

We have a 15 year old that struggled, that God redeemed.  He’s a thinker, makes friends easily and runs like the wind. And He loves Jesus.

Our sweet 10 year old.  She can try us unlike any child ever, but she is vibrant!  Full of life and I have a little selfie video she made about who God is that would blow your socks off.

Are they perfect?  Certainly NOT!  Are we perfect?  Absolutely NOT!  But I look at the world around me and am heartbroken. I see Christian families in shambles.  Young couples that tried to start their marriage the “right” way,  divorced.Their babies being raised in a single parent home. Others, that got pregnant then got married, and some that got pregnant and didn’t. Children that have left home and have no or poor relationships with their parents.  Parents that pretend that their family is perfect, when it’s falling apart in secret.  Pornography stealing dignity. And I praise God that some how, some way, He in His sovereignty didn’t forget our family. (So far).   I praise God that I have a husband that was wise enough to talk to our children, to guide them and help them navigate life when I couldn’t.  I praise God that, for the most part, we all get along pretty well and love each other in spite of our differences.  (As as a side note, I think that’s pretty amazing especially when none of us are related by blood!)

And I think sometimes we forget that God is sovereign.

And I think sometimes we forget that God is sovereign Click To Tweet

It’s our job to teach our children.  To train them, but it’s His job to call them to Himself.  As much as we love them, we can’t make our kids do what we want. Especially as they get older.  We can guide them, direct them and pray for them.  And we can hope that God in His grace has chosen them as His own.

I wonder, if we hold loosely, teaching, training, guiding and praying, if it allows the Holy Spirit to work in… Click To Tweet

And I have to wonder, if, when we hold on loosely, teaching, training, guiding, praying if we allow the Holy Spirit to work on our children in ways that can’t happen when we squeeze tightly and try to make them into what we want them to be instead of what God wants them to be.

Thankful for a Sovereign God,


We’re back at it…linking up with Kate at Heading Home for 5 minutes of free writes on the one word for the week.  Join us for the fun!  This week’s word:  forget.  Also linking up with Messy Marriage.

I admit, I set the timer, but in my brain fog and crazy Saturday morning, I stopped and started it a number of times, I lost track and forgot to reset it. I had the best of intentions…really I did. Can you forgive and forget?


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