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Christy really doesn’t have a good reason to trust me, not necessarily because I am grossly untrustworthy, but because I forget.  I guess as far as  lot of people in the world go, I am pretty trustworthy.  But, compared to someone who is perfect, I lack a lot.  I try to be honest and behave in an honorable way, but I don’t always succeed.  In fact, just today, I told her I would go by the library on my way home from work, and then I forgot.  Big deal, not really, but I didn’t do what I was told.  So, how can she, or why would she trust me.

You see, I Cor 13 says love always trusts.  The issue is where that trust lies.  The trust isn’t in me.  She doesn’t trust me because I am a great guy.  She trusts a Sovereign God, who controls all, and takes care of everything.  He is in charge.  She trusts Him, and trusting Him, that He has all things under control, and he told her to submit to me, she can trust me.

See, Jesus is the perfect example of love, and I believe 1 Cor 13 is about Christ and the love He showed.  We are called to imitate Him, and in doing so, we can show love to.  But Jesus knows what is in the hearts of men.  He knows that we are not trustworthy, and He knows that only the Father is worthy of trust.  So, He shows His love to His church by trusting the Father.

Likewise, in loving our spouse according to the way Christ loved us, we can trust each other, not because we are wonderful people, but because we trust Christ, and what He did for us.  In that trust, we can rest.  So, when you have a hard time trusting your spouse, love, and Christ’s love isn’t always about trusting them, it is about trusting Him and letting Him take care of things.   Love, it always trusts


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