Being “vulnerable.”  It’s the new badge of honor.  Waving our woes for everyone to see.  It seems the worse it is the better it is.  The more depressed we are, the more problems we have, the more u.g.l.y. our life, the better. Somehow maybe, it seems to make us more pious, more holy.  We wave it like  a badge of honor.

We’re given kudos for being “brave.”  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m good with brave.  There are many ways to be brave.  But when it becomes “normal” it isn’t extraordinary any more.


  •    Possessing or displaying courage; valiant.


   *   boldly courageous; brave; stout-hearted:

        a valiant soldier.

  *   marked by or showing bravery or valor; heroic:

       to make a valiant effort.
  *   worthy; excellent.

Yes, that’s it, brave is no longer something worthy of valor, it’s no long something heroic like putting on a uniform that puts the life inside the skin in harms way during every shift. Or the other uniform that protects our country.  Or standing up for what is right.  Saying enough already when the outcry of sin overwhelms the world with the real U.G. L. Y.

Brave is waving your woes, being “vulnerable.”

In other words, brave is airing your dirty laundry.

Really? Has it come to this.  The “new” brave includes putting problems out there for everyone to see.  Not in a way that gives hope or encouragement, but in a way that evokes pity.


 *  Sympathy and sorrow aroused by the misfortune or suffering of another.
So having friends and strangers offering their pity for your circumstances is the new “brave”
And it makes brave ordinary.
Or maybe I’m missing something.  But let’s run with this and see what happens, shall we?
Riley has had a tough life, she comes from a broken home, she’s made every mistake possible, flitting from one affair to another, 3 babies in tow, none from the same father.  Never marrying. Enjoying the party scene. Turning her back on those who care about her, or maybe the people that should care don’t.  Or maybe those people are partying with her, instead of being responsible themselves…No, Riley isn’t real.  She’s based on a conglomeration of many.  But we all know a Riley, don’t we?
Some like this never knew God, yes in our “Christian” society (which isn’t too Christian anymore, just in case you missed the shift).
Some have abandoned the God they knew.
And others claim still to have a relationship, even though there is no evidence in their current lifestyle.  They live their life their way, yet give lip service to their god at the same time.  They don’t know the truth of the Scripture, of the Holy Word of God.  They make up their own truth and say it’s the Bible, but it’s not.
And their lives are filled with chaos and confusion.
But God is NOT a God of chaos and disorder.
And instead of looking to the One, True God that can bring them comfort, they listen to the philosophers of old…
Look inside yourself.  Soul search deep within yourself.

But that’s not what Christ would do.

Sometimes we just need to pull a Bob Newhart.

In other words, we need to take our thoughts captive.  And guess what?  It’s Biblical.

We stop it!  We say enough already.  And we make a you turn!  And that you turn takes us outside of ourselves.  Where we can find true healing.

We look to the Perfect Love. And the more we look to the Perfect Love, the more we find that self doesn’t matter.  We learn to serve.  Not because we have to; not out of duty or obligation.  But because we can’t not serve.  Because there is no other way to live. We MUST serve. Not out of duty or obligation, but out of LOVE.

And the pity party is over. And in a way, the brave has begun.  The real brave of getting outside ourselves to find our self.

Please understand, I’m not saying that depression is not real. I’m not saying that there is never a time for medication.  I’m not saying life will always be peachy. I’m not even saying that there is NEVER a time to air the dirty laundry.

Sometimes we do need to wave our woes.  But not in a self-seeking way.  Not in a way to garner pity.  More in a way to encourage others that there is Love on the other side, that there is Perfect Love.  The self-sacrificing love instead of the self focusing love that brings chaos and confusion.

Perfect love casts out fear.

Christ is Perfect Love.


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