My oldest son had a habit of doing what I told him he couldn’t do.  I don’t mean he disobeyed, I mean that he would ask me something, and I would tell him it couldn’t be done.  He would then proceed to do it.

Let me give you an example.

There is a creek that goes through our yard.  It actually starts just down the road from us.  It catches the drainage from the land around us. At the edge of our yard, it pools before flowing out toward the bigger creeks.  I wouldn’t exactly call this a pond, more of a really deep puddle. I think I have seen a few minnows in there, and of course frogs, tadpoles and crawdads.


Well, my son asked if he could catch a fish in the “pond”.  I told him I doubted he would get more than just a minnow or two, but he was welcome to try.  It wasn’t but about an hour later he comes back with a little 6 inch long Sunperch.  I have no idea how that little fish got into our little pond uh puddle, but I told him he wouldn’t be able to do it, and by golly he did.

Maybe instead of telling him he couldn’t, I should have told him, perhaps.

Another time he asked if he were to catch a bird, could he keep it.  I told him that was a silly question because he couldn’t catch a bird, but if he did, I would let him keep it.

baby birdy

Once again, looking back, I probably shouldn’t have told him he couldn’t, but should have told him that, if he worked at it long enough, perhaps he could.

Low and behold, the next day  he comes to me with a bird he had managed to snag.  He did the same thing with a mouse, except I watched this one.  We were taking a walk and a mouse runs in front of us.  Like a bolt of lightening he reached out, and grabbed the mouse.  I couldn’t believe it.

I could tell you story after story about the things I didn’t think he could do, that he did, including the time he fed a baby bird while the mother looked on.

He would feed the baby, then the mother would feed the baby, and then he would feed the baby again, while the mother watched approvingly.

I kept saying he wouldn’t be able to, when maybe I should have been telling him that perhaps he could.

I know there area  lot of reasons why, but I have to think that one of the main reasons is because he stuck with it.

He knew what he wanted.  He determined what he was going to do, and he stuck with it until it was done.

There used to be a word that was used, “persevere”.  All the critters he captured, he kept trying and did it, because he persevered.

If I am called to love the way Christ loved, and I Cor 13 is a picture of the love of Christ, how can I capture my wife’s heart?

By persevering.  Love always perseveres.  Love doesn’t quit.  She may be grumpy.  She may not respond.  She may not like my surprise.  She may be sick.  She may be angry.  She may just have a different idea in mind of what should be, but love doesn’t quit.  Instead of saying that she doesn’t want me, or she is grumpy, or that it is hopeless, instead I should be saying, perhaps I should try something different, and I should persevere

Take a look at what Jesus did for His bride.

He came to earth, and we rejected him.  Worse, we crucified him.  He persevered.  We hated him.  We were his enemy, and He persevered.  Love Always perseveres.

So next time your spouse is grumpy, next time they don’t want to be loved, next time they don’t respond, or wish you would go away, remember, perhaps they need some extra grace, because, Love Always Perseveres.


This is part of the 31 days October challenge and Messy Marriage

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