Here is what you dear reader need to know.  We have been using Kate’s 31 day prompts this month in talking about Christ in 1 Corinthians 13.  Every Friday is a Five Minute Friday prompt.  Although we’ve not been adhering to the 5 minutes by a long shot, we’ve been doing them nonetheless.

Today’s prompt is BACON.  Yes, BACON.  Some how I have to tie BACON in to Christ in 1 Corinthians 13, and while everyone in our home believes BACON to be divine, I’m thinking a JEWISH Christ may have never even eaten BACON.  And yet here I sit.

Loving BACON, yet knowing that Christ may have never put the heavenly substance to his lips.  But we are nearing the end of 31 days of October, and I’m guessing we’re not the only participants that are slap happy.

I think KATE is slap happy for choosing this as the #1 prompt…oh NO, it wasn’t Kate, it was the peoples choice.

So dear readers,

Love is bacon.  Crispy, fried in an iron skillet bacon.

Thankfully, Christ bears all things because tonight he’s gonna have to bear BACON.


Tomorrow, we wrap it up with something a little more thought provoking than BACON, even if it is the most heavenly food ever.

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