Dear Friend,

Yes you, the pimple-y faced teenager.  The college kid that slept with the guy and had to take the walk of shame home after you got drunk, you.  You that are steeped deeply in the drug and alcohol lifestyle.  Yes, you one that had an abortion.  And you, one that really screwed up.

You have VALUE!

You may think that because you’re dirty that you are too far lost, too far gone.

That it’s too late.

You have no hope.

Are you breathing?

Then there’s hope.

You don’t have to continue.  You don’t have to sink farther into the pit of despair.

Christ is for you dear one.  You are not alone.  He suffered in unimaginable ways, for YOU!  Yes you precious child.

The one that believes you’re too far gone but you send your kids to church because it’s good for them.

You are not too far gone.

Will your life change overnight?  NO!  But the journey will begin.  You will begin traveling towards the glorious hope.  Toward the Love that sacrificed perfectly for your sins.

You that stepped outside the bounds of God’s law.

He is patient.  He is kind.  He sacrificed Himself in YOUR place.  Yes, you dirty as you are.  He took the pain and death you deserved.

He loves you with the Perfect Love.  Will you trust Him?

How do I know this is true?  I lived it.  I lived dirty, broken.  I’ve taken the shame walk, long before it was called that.

But God changed me!

One my wedding day, I was pure with my husband.  I had never been kissed by him

I learned that I had value.

My husband valued me enough to wait, even for a kiss.

My God valued me enough to send His son to suffer in my place.

Will you trust Him?  Will you let Him take your dirt, your shame?

25 years later, I’m a living testimony!  Perfect?  Heck no!  Not even close.

Forgiven?  Perfectly.

and you can be too!



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