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The room had a serious feel about it.  The 3 of us guys, elders at our church, were sitting around a table discussing different things that needed to be discussed.  There was stuff going on at church that needed attention.  Some of it was discipline that needed to occur, some of it was training that we needed to help with, and some of it was simple administrative decisions that needed to be made.  None of the three of us are quick talking, off the cuff people, so, in between each comment there is usually a moment of silence while we take in what has been said, evaluate it and decide what needs to be said next.  That’s when it happened!!  In a computer generated, staccato voice, coming from seemingly nowhere, the silence was shattered by, “YOUR SEXY WIFE IS CALLING…YOUR SEXY WIFE IS CALLING…YOUR SEXY WIFE IS CALLING.”

smartphone-407152_640That’s right, my cell phone ring tone announces whenever Christy calls, by telling me that my sexy wife is calling.  Needless to say, I gave the other 2 elders quite a chuckle.  But, as I have been thinking about this 31 days, I am reminded of some things.  You see, Christ calls us (especially husbands), to love our wives the way Christ loves the church, and I Cor 13 is a beautiful example of how Christ loves, and thus, how I should love.  While I love my cell phone ring (it has brought some great chuckles, even from my father-in-law, but that’s another story), maybe adding one word in would help me keep my perspective even better.  Maybe it should say, “Your sexy wife is YOUR calling.”

As people are looking all over for meaning and significance, a lot of Christians are also looking for their calling.  What does God want me to do.  Should I be a missionary, what job should I take, what decisions should I do.  God has given you one very clear calling, one thing that, beyond any shadow of any doubt, you can know you are called to do.  God has given you your family.  You are called to your family, and I would argue, after Christ, you are called to your family FIRST.

I can argue that my job is important, and it is, but if it is taking me away from my primary calling from God, my family, then “MY SEXY WIFE IS MY CALLING” .  My hobbies can be fun, relaxing, and can energize me, but if I am spending time with my hobbies that I should or could be spending with my spouse, then I need to hear it, “MY SEXY WIFE IS MY CALLING”.  I have been in ministry, and in ministry, text messages go off, phone calls come, meetings happen, crises pop up, and they all need attention, but maybe instead of all of these things, I need to hear, “MY SEXY WIFE IS MY CALLING”.  Things in my life are important, I know that, I have people who depend on me, and people who (at least I like to think) need me.  After all, rescuing the world is much more glamorous than sitting on a couch, rubbing my wife’s feet, watching a “chick flick”.  But, I have to remember, “MY SEXY WIFE IS MY CALLING”


Going back to Christ, Lord of the universe, Creator of all things, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Master of all, decided to make the Church His calling, and submitted fully to God the Father.  He was called to suffer and die for my sins on a cross, forsaken by friends, disciples, even His Heavenly Father, because that was His calling.  That was what the Father called Him to do.  He could have come in glory, with thunderbolts and an entourage, but he came humbly, in a manger.  He could have seized the throne in Rome and ruled the world, but he died on a cross.  He could have rejected mankind who rejected him, but He rose again, and justified His children and is sanctifying them now.

So, if that is what love looked like when Jesus did it, can I love my wife any less?  Can I treasure and cherish this incredibly important and marvelously wonderful calling any less than Christ did?  I think not.  You see, my wife, and by extension, my children, are my calling, and it is a joyful, wonderful, high, noble, calling to love them as Christ did.  So, I hope, next time I want to go out and slay dragons and conquer the world, to do incredibly mighty and wonderful things, when, really, Christ needs me at home, I hope that God allows the ring tone to go off in my head, ” YOUR SEXY WIFE IS YOUR CALLING…YOUR SEXY WIFE IS YOUR CALLING….YOUR SEXY WIFE IS YOUR CALLING.”


This is part of the 31 day October writing challenge and we’re also linking up with Wedded Wednesday

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