Where do you go when you’re alone?  When you’re relationship isn’t what you want it to be?  When you want things to be different?

Shane’s Grandma used to say “Jesus Christ and Him crucified.”  That was her answer for many ailments.  Truth time.  It bugged the snot out of me.  But as I’ve gotten older, and hopefully some wiser, I’ve realized, she was right…

and I’ve even found myself going to a variation of her words.

because I believe she was partially right….

You see if Christ is crucified only, he’s still up there, on the tree., the job is not complete.  The death was significant, but it wasn’t the MOST significant.

The resurrection and ascension is the key to “Christ crucified”

without it, the work is not complete.

with it, the completed work gives us the ability to live life deeper. to live life in grace.  In delight.  to love our spouse and Christ loved the church.

with it, our hope is found.  Our ONLY hope is found.

You see when we’re looking at Christ’s sacrifice, the sacrifice that willingly took him to the cross; that raised Him from the dead and seated Him back in his heavenly home, it changes everything.

The perfect sacrifice, took our vile, filthiness with him to the cross.

and that is what frees us and gives us hope.

Perfect love sacrificed on the cross brings hope.



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